Monday, September 7, 2009

Better off DEAD

my new analogy for
G R O W God Reality Offends the Weary.
This is how it was for me.......
When was weary I realized that the Bible did not to make me stronger...
I was I not growing I was like Jake says here.....

Jake says,
For Pete's sake Bobalou, how can you ask that with a straight face? Have you EVER met a Christian who didn't think that he was going to be better off dead?...and who didn't try to convince you to BELIEVE THE SAME THING!?

(conditional on having your "heaven train ticket" of course) It's the whole
basis of Christianity!!!!!! "We're all, by nature, real turds...who have to
concentrate on holding ourselves in check while alive..(and accepting a
human sacrifice to retroactively atone for us because we're turds by
nature/inheritance) ..but it's all going to be BEAUTIFUL if we can just hang
on till we croak!" GIMME A BREAK. Hey....I gotta give Mary credit
They TRY ?????????


Roger said...


Ignorance of the false nature of what a man writes does not absolve him from bearing false witness. The man must bring himself to the place where he has eyes for the Truth.

Said differently: even if one does know know what they write is false it does not excuse the violation. I do not attempt to argue the "facts" only the premise and assumptions that they are based on.

I may "Err" but I have a personal, tangible and demonstrable relationship with the Most High and you do not.

Do I need to ask you if you speak the Truth?

If you had eyes you would already know from what I speak.

It is because I speak the Truth that you cannot believe. I read that in some book some where. I kinda rememebr the circumstances it was used also.


Yeah, I was not satisfied with the dictionary version either. The definition in Law is far more revealing see Papus Bull I believe 1463. There is a great clue in the way that law has been executed, why it is law and why it worked to deprive men of their lands. All expressions of power in this Universe obey Divine Law.

Also, you have a tendency to rely on literature specifically designed to be false, misleading and designed to undermine our understanding of the true nature of the place we find ourselves in. I would caution you to keep better counsel. They have lied to us and we believed them. The victim says: "He lied to me it is his fault!". I say, "I believed the lie, it is my fault."

I imagine you are well studied in Theology and that would explain a lot. They have had a thousands of years head start on making the rabble powerless and they are quite good at programming us such that we remain impotent puppets.

We fear the Truth because if we know the Truth we have to act and we are afraid because we have turned our faces away and can expect no protection.

It is OK you can dialog with the Most High. Quit thinking it is Satanic. They programmed you to think that way specifically to deny you access to the Most High. Clever huh?

It is like the overweight woman at the grocery store with a cart full of fat-free products. Never does she suspect that the companies that make that garbage never want her to lose weight as it would destroy their business and the products themselves are the single biggest cause of her problem. She places her trust in the wrong things also.

That trust is to be place in one thing only and it is not in the false Gods that surround us every place we look.

I would suggest you toss the books out until you have an adequate relationship with the Supreme Authority. Then you would not expose your ignorance otherwise you will create victims of all the people you "help" and suffer consequence that I am quite sure you are not prepared to take responsibility for.

I find you rather insolent for a man with no relationship with the Supreme Authority. Please come back when you are no longer blind. Then we will be of one mind and argument will be an idiotic prospect.



Anonymous said...

Atheism is a belief in no GOD. A theist is a belief in one god only. Catholics and Protest-ants believe in the three god approach to sanity in the religious realm.